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Wagyu Namahage graciously welcomes the Denmark Olympic Rowing Team to Akita


Wagyu Namahage is delighted to welcome the Denmark Olympic Rowing team to Akita. We hope that our gift of one head of cattle and will give just a little extra strength with which to compete in the games, and we hope as well that the Wagyu Namahage brand t-shirts will serve as fond memory of Akita, Japan, and your time here. Please bring them home with you, along with a lot of medals!



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Wagyu means literally Japanese beef, but its real meaning goes so much deeper. Top grade wagyu is prized worldwide for tender richness and resulting taste. Richly fatty meat may seem less than appealing in the West, but it's all in the preparation and serving. Done correctly, Wagyu is amongst if not the most delicious beef in the world. This is why you'll find Wagyu in many of the highest quality dishes prepared by Michelin star chefs worldwide.

Wagyu Namahage

Over 92% of the beef shipped by Wagyu Namahage in 2020 was ranked A4 and better, of which half was ranked A5 (top).  The Wagyu Namahage cattle enjoy the most spacious living conditions in the Oga area. The Shindō family give careful and individual attention to each head of cattle each and every day to ensure the highest quality. We are happy if you enjoy Wagyu Namahage while also being appreciative of the life of the cattle that gives us life in-turn.

How to enjoy Wagyu

Small differences in preparation, compared to say how a rib-eye or New York steak are traditionall prepared, makes all the difference. Wagyu is best enjoyed as thin individually cooked slices (1 or 2 bites worth) or as a relatively thinly sliced steak. Wagyu is eaten very fresh, so best enjoyed on the rare side in which its tender juiciness is at its best. The beef is delicious on its own, but one way we recommend trying to is to lightly dip the cooked pieces of steak in a high quality salt and pepper, or in a very light dipping sauce. In other words, season your meat after instead of before cooking. For pan-grilling we highly recommend preparing the griddle by frying light salted slices of garlic in olive oil, which can be used to garnish the steak.



Daishin No-jo

Family owned and operated for 14 generations, the Shindō family of four (and children) are dedicated to the raising and care of the Wagyu Namahage cattle, which are raised in a new cowshed completed in Decmeber, 2020.

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